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Registration Guide: Touch 7k7k (China)

TOUCH 7k7k is one of the 3 China-based servers. Many players who want to play in China-based servers go here, if not in the TOUCH 4399 server. To register here, you must have a China national ID. It is better to use VPN if you're having connectivity issues with this server.

How to register via website:

  1. Go to https://web.7k7k.com/user/register.html

  2. Fill in your information

  3. Check 我已经看过并同意 box

  4. Click 提交注册

How to register via game client:

  1. Open TOUCH 7k7k Game Client

  2. Click 注册

  3. Fill in your info

  4. Click 确定

How to download game client:

  1. Go to http://touch.7k7k.com/download/

  2. Click 下载微端 and install (Note: Change any existing Touch folder name as it will automatically overwrite if the other folder is named "Touch")

Credits to Asy, Amour, Sey & rockkyy