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上传照片 Upload Profile Picture

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Uploading a profile picture requires you to use Adobe Flash, but since it has been discontinued since early 2021, you need to do a few more steps to upload your fashionable pictures.

Here we will be using Firefox to show how to upload your picture.

1. Uninstall Firefox and any installed Adobe Flash Player from Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.

2. Download and install Firefox version 70.

3. Click the menu button ≡ then Options.

4. On General tab, scroll down to Firefox Updates and select "Check for updates but let you choose to install them" and uncheck "Use a background service to install updates" and "Automatically update search engines".

5. Click the menu button ≡ then Add-Ons.

6. On the Extensions tab, click on the gear icon and uncheck "Update Add-ons Automatically" then close Firefox.

7. Download this old version of Adobe Flash and run it.

8. During installation of Adobe Flash, under Update Flash Player Preferences, select "Never check for updates (not recommended)".

9. On your profile click "Upload." There will be a pop-up window asking you which browser you would like to open the link. Choose Firefox.

10. When the link loads in Firefox, click on "Run Adobe Flash" and "Allow" on the pop-up.

11. Click on 选择文件 to upload your picture. Drag the crop window to your preferred size and click 提交 to submit.

12. Restart your Touch client and be amazed at your beautiful picture in your profile!

Credits to Sey & rockkyy

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