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Close Friend Guide

Sending Flowers

Close Friend Badges

Canceling Close Friend

Close Friend Cohesion Rewards

Close Friend Craft Items (page under construction)

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Close friends are friends you put in your profile with more than 20 intimacy. The first 2 CF slots are free and with each addition there will be a fee with an increment of 1,000 CR/RC. (Ex. 3rd slot = 1,000 CR/RC , 4th slot = 2,000 CR/RC , and so on).


To gain intimacy, you have to play with your friend (max 3 intimacy from playing together per day) or send them flowers.

Sending Flowers

To send flowers, right click on your friend's name and choose a flower to send. You can use CR to send Tulip and Lily. The max number of flowers you can send per day increases when you reach certain VIP levels.


+1 Intimacy


+3 Intimacy

Bonus: send a message to your Close Friend in W-Horn


+6 Intimacy

Bonus: send a message to your Close Friend in CS-Horn

Close Friend Badges

Once you reach certain intimacy with your close friend, you will automatically unlock these badges.


ACQUAINTANCE 20 to 149 Intimacy

GOOD 150 to 349 Intimacy

CLOSE 350 to 749 Intimacy

TRUSTED 750 to 1549 Intimacy

INTIMATE 1550 to 2749 Intimacy

brotherly love 2750

BROTHERLY LOVE 2750 & Up Intimacy

Canceling Close Friend / Removing a Close Friend From Your Profile

If you wish to cancel CF, click on either Rescind or Force Rescind. The Rescind button has no fee, but your CF must be online and agree to cancel the CF. Force Rescind button cancels the CF right away but deducts a 1,000 credit fee from you.

Close Friend Cohesion Rewards

Each time your friend badge upgrades, the intimacy adds to your cohesion (ex. you have 1 CF at Acquaintance level, so your cohesion is 20. Once your badge levels up to Good, your cohesion becomes 150. If you add another CF at Acquaintance level, your total cohesion would be 170.) For each cohesion level you reach, you can claim an item.

ocean blue bracelet.jpg

Level 2 Reward - Ocean Blue Bracelet L

Requirement: 200 Cohesion

Level 3 Reward - Ocean Blue Bracelet R

Requirement: 500 Cohesion

ocean blue anklet.jpg

Level 4 Reward - Ocean Blue Anklet L

Requirement: 800 Cohesion

Level 5 Reward - Ocean Blue Anklet R

Requirement: 1,200 Cohesion

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Level 6 Reward - Rogue Bunny

Requirement: 2,000 Cohesion

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Level 7 Reward - Heart of the Ocean Blue

Requirement: 3,100 Cohesion

If you and your CF both wear Heart of the Ocean Blue, you will get this bubble effect whenever you are near each other.

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