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小猪佩奇称号 / Pig Peggy Title

Updated: Jun 26

From 9888 Pig Peggy Title pack on TOUCH 4Games

王子殿下 / Royal highness prince

C位出道 / C position debut

社会人 / Social person

灯火阑珊 / Dimly lights

巴拉拉小魔仙 / Balala Little Magic Fairy

仙女下凡 / Fairy under the

放纵的青春 / Indulgent youth

I want to be the right in your left life

我是小仙女 / Little fairy

自爱沉稳而后爱人 / Love yourself then oters

可盐可甜 / Salty and sweet

暮然回首 / Suddenly look back

后宫三千又何妨 / Why is the harem three thousand?

女王殿下 / Your majesty

Credits to яainne, Chenyiru, 鸽子, 碧° Amour, Sey & rockkyy

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