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3期礼券神秘包 / 3rd Mystery Gift Pack

从这礼包中能获得饰品 x1,或往期礼券 x20。礼包可在商城内购买,

价值 1900R (不能使用代R)。

You will randomly get either an accessory or x20 old eggs from this mystery pack. Each pack costs 1,900RC from the shop (can't use CR).

指间爱 / Finger Love

奢华手包 / Luxury Handbag

有些蛋在里面 / Eggs inside:

[2014] RC Egg 儿童节 / Children Day

[2014] RC Egg 欢乐暑期 / Summertime

暑月 / Summer

兰月 / Orchid

Credits to Sey & rockkyy

Special thanks to 碧° for the Chinese translations

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