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39期礼券神秘包 / 39th Mystery Gift Pack

Updated: Jun 3

从礼包中能获得合成的材料 x1,或往期礼券 x20。礼包可在商城内购买,

价值 1900R (不能使用代R)。

You will randomly get either a craft material or x20 old eggs from a mystery pack. Each pack costs 1,900RC from the shop (can't use CR).

合成的时装: 泰安-原(左边2),安月-原 (右边2)

Craft Set: Tai An-Original (2 on the left) , An Yue-Original (2 on the right)

泰安-原的合成条件 / Tai An-Original Craft Materials:

  1. 4期极品券 x3

  2. 宛无时装可选包 / Wan Wu Fashion Opt Pack x1

  3. 淑终时装可选包 / Shu Jun/ Shu Zhong Opt Pack x1

  4. 云艺时装可选包 / Yunyi Opt Pack x1

  5. 倩影时装可选包 / Qian Ying Fashion Opt Pack x1

斯杰的合成条件 / Sijie Craft Materials:

  1. 4期极品券 x3

  2. 仲月时装可选包 / Zhong Yue / Zhong Moon Fashion Opt Pack x1

  3. 露蔓时装可选包 / Lu Man / Vine Fashion Opt Pack x1

  4. 火月时装可选包 / Huo Yue / Fire Moon Fashion Opt Pack x1

  5. 浩元时装可选包 / Hao Yuan Fashion Opt Pack x1

合成的饰品: 鳄鱼泳圈

Craft Accessory: Alligator Swimming Ring

鳄鱼泳圈的合成条件 / Alligator Swimming Ring Craft Materials: 4期极品券 x5

Credits to Sey & rockkyy

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