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26期礼券神秘包 / 26th Mystery Gift Pack

Updated: Sep 12

从礼包中能获得合成的材料 x1,或往期礼券 x20。礼包可在商城内购买,

价值 1900R (不能使用代R)。

You will randomly get either a craft material or x20 old eggs from a mystery pack. Each pack costs 1,900RC from the shop (can't use CR).

爱神之箭 / Cupid's Arrow

合成条件 / Materials: 爱神之心 / Cupid's Heart x4

有些蛋在里面 / Eggs inside:

2017 端午节 / Dragon Boat Festival

2017 暑期 / Summer Vacation

2017 儿童节 Children's Day

伏月 / Volt Moon

七夜月 / Seven Night / Qi Ye Yue

Credits to Sey & rockkyy