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[2021] RC Egg 开学活动 / School Activity

Updated: Sep 9

一等奖合成的坐骑 / 1st Prize Craft Mount: 超长豪车 / Super Long Luxury Car

(有单卡和情侣卡 / has single and couple profile poses)

合成条件 / Craft Materials: 超卡车游霸 (Super Long Car Oil) x2 + 超卡车驾照 (Super Long Car License) x1

一等奖稀有的装 / 1st Prize Rare Set: 云召 / Yun Zhao

一等奖装 / 1st Prize Set: 云召 / Yun Zhao

二等奖稀有的女时装 / 2nd Prize Set Rare F: 日初 / First Day

二等奖女时装 / 2nd Prize Set F: 日初 / First Day

二等奖稀有的男时装 / 2nd Prize Set Rare M: 日初 / First Day

二等奖男时装 / 2nd Prize Set M: 日初 / First Day

Credits to Sey & rockkyy